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Young Pocha



We just love Fried Chicken!

​When Hyegyung and Young Park moved to Halifax in 2017, they soon realized that small pojangmacha eateries did not exist here. Pojangmacha is a casual style of Korean restaurant—sometimes as simple as a tent on the street—that’s been around over 60 years, after starting in the 1950s in Cheonggyecheon, Seoul. Unable to go out to one in Halifax, they decided to be the first to bring it to the local community. And the Parks took this mission seriously. Before they opened Young Pocha (short for pojangmacha) in 2018, Young Park travelled back to Korea and apprenticed with an array of Korean chefs who specialize in chimaek, the magical and popular pairing of Korean fried chicken and beer.

We are good

Friendship is our aim

Throughout the pandemic, Young Pocha has been supporting the Korean and Chinese communities, and giving away meals via Chinese and Korean social apps. But Hyegyung’s goal now is to reach the non-Asian communities here in Halifax as well. In a gesture that stems from her lifestyle and upbringing in Korea, Hyegyung will often include free dumplings or soft drinks with takeout orders, to show that she cares for the community: It’s her way of giving joy in a time of struggle and loss.

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